Can You Make a Living as a Professional Gamer?

If you are into gaming, particularly videogames, you would know how much better it is to be the one holding the console instead of just watching the players. Perhaps this is stereotyping as some fans may really want to just watch, especially excellent gameplays by those who have reached gaming god levels.

This tendency has probably contributed greatly to the development of eSports and the rise of professional gamers. eSports is basically competitive gaming, usually through a multiplayer game, with gamer fans from all over the world, streaming or viewing as live audience, as professional players contend for lucrative rewards, from cash prizes to international prestige.

How It Goes

Gaming sounds fun. Earning money through gaming seems like the best job there is. Everyone would probably want to consider a career in this field, especially if they experience the adrenaline rush after conquering a game or beating an opponent. However, just like any other occupation, making a living out of professional gaming, just like winning the lottery, does not happen overnight.

You need to have the skills, gear, and connections. Just as one cannot become a surgeon without enough knowledge and dexterity, you cannot finish a game once and consider yourself an expert or a pro gamer for that game. You need to invest time and spend some cash for the gear as you go. As you climb your way up, you would need a strong and wide network that will hopefully bring in sufficient sponsorships.

Once you have established yourself, however, money does come in with other great rewards. In fact, there are a number of pro gamers who can attest to this. Based on data from, Saahil Arora from the United States appears to be the top earner in professional gaming worldwide. His highest paying game is Defense of the Ancients 2, more popularly known as DotA 2. Arora’s alternate IDs include dignitas.Universe, EG.Universe, UNiVeRsE. His overall earnings from 60 tournaments amount to $2,720,623.84 as of this writing. Other top professional gamers include Peter “ppd” Dager ($2,618,120.36), Sumail “- Suma1L*” Hassan ($2,401,426.34), Clinton “Fear” Loomis ($2,383,155.64), and Li “iceice” Peng ($1,981,327.43).

Money from professional gaming mainly consists of cash prizes from tournaments. It may not be a regular source of pay, especially if you end up with a losing team and if you are just starting. However, other money-earning strategies are also available if you want to start your career in this field.

A possible extra source of income for a pro gamer is through streaming. This is when online matches are held and people pay to watch you play. One popular game streaming site is Twitch. Some players expand their networks by also making content or editing videos on YouTube. One legend you have probably heard taking this route is PewDiePie. There is also Website Development and sponsorships which you can clearly observe in Ocelote’s own site. For more secured income, it is advisable to dabble in at least one, if not all, of these suggested routes aside from league gaming.

Getting Started

The nature of professional gaming is already competitive in itself but breaking into the bandwagon career presents a lot of competition. First of all, you need to love what you are planning to do. Just like any job, gaming will entail some sleepless nights and coffee-fueled days, especially if you are trying to make money aside from tournaments. Pro gamers do not play their games for the sake of just enjoying them. Once you have prizes and prestige at stake, you can only be compelled to take gaming more seriously by immersing yourself in it further.

Find the game of your life. It is commendable to be versatile but, just like any career, building on a single path requires passion and focus. Learn the jargon, practice, watch others play, and pick up anything worth integrating in your own set of skills. Study hacks, master them, and learn to play well even without the cheats. If your in a relationship and cheat in real life you can search through this fuck book and find your local fuck buddy.

Slowly invest in your gear. Choose a console and improve your rig every now and then. Remember that gadgets get regular upgrades so make sure you are up to date. Advertise for certain products when opportunity presents itself while you’re at it.

Entering the world of professional gaming may sound like a daunting, solitary task but it is actually more about teamwork and network building. Remember that leagues usually involve multiplayer games. Join the community, find a team, win some games with them, and attract sponsors.

If you want to continue gaming just for leisure, then it is probably better to hold on to that joystick in your own comfort zone. In the end, like any job today, professional gaming is not just a game at all.