How to sext and be safe

First, it’s best to define what sext means. In the online world, the word “sext” is derived from the combination of words “sex” and “text”, which literally means “sex through texting.”


About 60% of the world’s population engages in this type of activity. Almost all of the people in the world own at least one cellphone/smartphone. This fact proves that it is very possible to be sexually involved in a total stranger through texting. Several online communication platforms and messaging apps are available to use and download for free.


Take for example the number one social media website and application Facebook. As of the fourth quarter of 2016, Facebook has 1.86 billion monthly active users. Imagine having 1.86 billion users that can freely connect with each other in just a few clicks. Social media and advanced messaging technology is powerful enough to build your social reputation. Though it earns a lot of positive outcomes and advantages, it comes with a great risk, too.


Relationships come and go. In today’s society, you can easily interact with a lot of people virtually through the use of social media platforms and applications. A lot of dating websites and apps are available for free like OkCupid, Tinder, Grindr, Match.Com, Twoo, and Badoo. With these, you can register with your existing social media account, or you may choose to register your email address and fill up the form with your information. You may fill it up with your real personal information or you could make an anonymous identity.


These dating sites and applications let you meet people (your choice if from opposite or same sex) near your current location, or you may look up for people at certain places. You may choose the range of age of the people you want to meet (virtually, of course) or look up for people with the same interests as yours.


The point is, throughout the process, you will meet various people from all walks of life. You may not know what their story is behind the profile picture, nor the limited information they have provided on their profiles. You may not know if it is true or just made-up. In this world full of people in search for love, one can be blindsided by what they can only see with their eyes.


There are times when you are so enamored with someone you would actually want to “get into it” even before meeting that person in real life. Aside from casual texting and exchange of messages with the person, “sexting” is a high possibility.


Before the smartphone era, SMS communication is limited to 140 characters. Nowadays, it isn’t just alphanumeric characters. You can also send pictures, videos, voice messages, and other files or media. That being said, while sexting, one can easily send or share pornographic photos and videos to someone. These exchange of private photos and videos is too risky. To practice safe sext, be sure to follow these guidelines:


  • Make sure that the application you are using is encrypted and from a trusted developer. You don’t want your nude photos to leak and circulate around porn sites, do you?


  • Aside from a trusted application, you also would want to make sure that you are sending and sharing these private photos to someone trusted, or someone you know all too well. The last thing you would want to happen is being blackmailed by someone.


  • Never -ever- sext while at work. Some employers would remotely monitor your activities in your PC without your knowledge. You might also connect your device to your company’s local network. They might monitor your data through Wi-Fi or shared network. Being caught by your employer red-handed is a serious offense and might cost you your salary and benefits.


  • As much as possible, do not include your face in your naked selfies to avoid further trouble in the future. Better be safe than sorry.


  • Delete all evidence of nude photos sent and flirty texts and sexts, especially if you’re committed or in a relationship. This is a golden rule.


  • Never include or share personal information (your identity, family background, work details, etc.) to someone you barely even know. Keep it casual especially when sexting with strangers.


  • Be careful when to send explicit photos and media. At least inform someone before you send these files. Do not surprise them. You might catch a bad timing and you’d both be in trouble.


Proper knowledge and education about sex is important. In an actual sexual encounter, you would want to do things safely to protect your health. If you feel more comfortable and want to take things further, read this blog written by milfs for milf sex. This Milf Swiper Blog is the blog from the #1 app for milf sex and writes about how hot milfs wants you to play with their milf pussy safely. Now remember to use the same level of caution should apply when it comes to sexting, albeit mainly to protect your reputation.