A great review about the Amazon

As per the survey taken in the USA the number one company in the tech field is the Amazon. Everyone would be aware of this company because everyone is stayed connected through this common website. Right from the kids till the guiding grandparents know about it. Its revenue was nearly 88.99 billion and there are more than 154,100 employees who are working there to serve the people all around the world.

  • Amazon acts as the largest e commerce site in the country.
  • It contains the walmart which is the most valuable retailer in the America.
  • It owned nearly the 40 subsidiary companies like the Good read, IMDb and so on.
  • It also debuted the e reader and tablet to compete with the Apple.
  • It also got an award for the Amazon instant video making.

Likewise it is spreading its brand name in the entire field which is just unimaginable and amazing ones. By providing the best results in all fields the Amazon hits the first place in the USA as well it stays top in everyone’s heart when you think about the online purchasing.

Amazon web services are mind blowing

Amazon web services are shortly known by the AWS. It is the combination of both the technology and the company. It is one of the subsidiary company of the amazon.com. It is used for providing the on demand cloud computing platform to the individuals. These technologies have the full fledged virtual cluster of computer which is available all the times with the help of the internet. This snapsex site uses AWS as it servers with these features. It acts as the all in one process that would manages from the virtual till the other things that are needed to process the data and to manipulate them.

  • The virtual computers include the CPU and GPU for the processing and it also have the operating systems and the other networking features.
  • It handles all the console input and the output and it is connected with the modem browser.
  • This company had implemented the server farms throughout the world.
  • It acts as the combination of the four special features like the hardware, operating system, software and networking.
  • These helps to provide the availability, redundancy, security and the service options for their customers.

This company also manages all the upgrades that are needed for their company and through this they had provided the high security level.

The technology acts as the bridge between the customer and the producer

The AWS had compromised more than seventy service spanning company which would include the computing, storage and the other things that is needed for the internet of the things. The most popular among this are two which helps to expand and to full fill the needs are EC2 and the S3. These services are used for accessing the HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) which is used to link and this is used for finding more things based on the selected options. It works based on the REST architectural style with the SOAP protocols.

There are many amazing and innovative technologies had been developed by the Amazon. It not only showed their uniqueness in the field of the E commerce but also has plays the vital role in the technologies. The innovation, competition, smartness in the work, hard work and providing the best products in the best price had made them to rise up to the top levels.

They found the dashing result through the Amazon dash button: It would function with the single function controller. It would contain the buttoning type in which the each button would perform the household necessarily things like the toilet paper and the other trash bags.

Place your grocery shopping easily now with the help of the Amazon fresh: It allows the user to found the certain geographical markets to place the grocery orders. This results in delivering the best products within the particular time with the same freshness and the high quality.

Your order which you place would fly to you within 30 minutes through the Amazon Prime Air: It helps to deliver all your products on time and this is made possible with the help of the speed limits and the set up distributions center which is at the neighborhood.

Exclusive Amazon fire TV and the fire phone created a greater impacts: These both had bought a dramatic changes and through this even you can watch all the live events easily.

Smart home technology will make your life smarter

The technology is the one which is ruling the entire world right now and if you are using the technology in the righter side then sure it would lead you to the success. If you keep on developing with the technology then you can also able to stay updated with the latest technologies. You can able to monitor everything within your hand where you can able to avoid all the accidents and the damages which are happening. In the pressure world you are so busy with lots of different works so you won’t find some sufficient time to take care of your house works. But when you are in the safer side then you can able to play the dual role in and outside of your home and that is possible when you had implemented the smart home technology inside your home.

  • This would process through the sensor and the each thing which you do would be monitored through the sensor.
  • If there is any damage or leakage then it would be indicated to you through the mode of the sensor signal and the alarm.
  • You can directly connect that sensor to the mobile phones through that you can able to get the indication message to your mobile phones.

From the working place you can able to monitor your home so you can stay free inside your office and be cool. You no need to worry for anything even when your kids are in the home and if suppose they had opened the fridge door and kept unclosed then the indication message would be sent to your mobile phone. This would be a good awareness for you and from your home you can make the door closed and through this you can able to save the electricity. Not only the fridge through this you can able to monitor the entire home door right from the front door to the backside doors. This would be useful for the entire working person even to the house wife through this you all can prevent the damages that is happening inside your home.


Always be in the safer side to protect your lovely family

You can able to set the different type of the door and the alarm settings that are available inside and outside your home and through which you can able to protect yourself. You can use the chamberlain keyless entry with the MyQ technology to protect your home. The home automation is based is done with the different type of the hardware devices through which the different type of the communication devices are interconnected with it. The three main components that are used in the smart home technology are very important and each one would have its own special task and functions.


The sensor is the main element that is used in the technology and through which it could able to sense all the different types of the climate and the temperature. It is used to detect and find the things and monitor all the leakages and the wastages of the gas or the current. It could able to easily handle all the things and it can be adjusted and monitored through the different type of the sensors that are available in the market.


The controller is the device through which you can able to receive the alert messages and the other instruction directly to your mobile phones or to the personal computer for which you have been connected. You can able to get the frequent alert tones to your device in the form of the alert notification or the message and this would be helpful for you to take some proper measure and to protect that which mean prevention is better than cure.


This may be in the form of the micro or macro switches through which you can able to control the entire mechanism easily and provide the perfect protection to your entire home.

You can able to order the different devices for your home to fit in door and in the other places and make your home stay smarter always by ordering your smart home technologies through the online. You may also get the unbelievable discounts based on the products which you are purchasing through the online.

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Can You Make a Living as a Professional Gamer?

If you are into gaming, particularly videogames, you would know how much better it is to be the one holding the console instead of just watching the players. Perhaps this is stereotyping as some fans may really want to just watch, especially excellent gameplays by those who have reached gaming god levels.

This tendency has probably contributed greatly to the development of eSports and the rise of professional gamers. eSports is basically competitive gaming, usually through a multiplayer game, with gamer fans from all over the world, streaming or viewing as live audience, as professional players contend for lucrative rewards, from cash prizes to international prestige.

How It Goes

Gaming sounds fun. Earning money through gaming seems like the best job there is. Everyone would probably want to consider a career in this field, especially if they experience the adrenaline rush after conquering a game or beating an opponent. However, just like any other occupation, making a living out of professional gaming, just like winning the lottery, does not happen overnight.

You need to have the skills, gear, and connections. Just as one cannot become a surgeon without enough knowledge and dexterity, you cannot finish a game once and consider yourself an expert or a pro gamer for that game. You need to invest time and spend some cash for the gear as you go. As you climb your way up, you would need a strong and wide network that will hopefully bring in sufficient sponsorships.

Once you have established yourself, however, money does come in with other great rewards. In fact, there are a number of pro gamers who can attest to this. Based on data from esportsearnings.com, Saahil Arora from the United States appears to be the top earner in professional gaming worldwide. His highest paying game is Defense of the Ancients 2, more popularly known as DotA 2. Arora’s alternate IDs include dignitas.Universe, EG.Universe, UNiVeRsE. His overall earnings from 60 tournaments amount to $2,720,623.84 as of this writing. Other top professional gamers include Peter “ppd” Dager ($2,618,120.36), Sumail “- Suma1L*” Hassan ($2,401,426.34), Clinton “Fear” Loomis ($2,383,155.64), and Li “iceice” Peng ($1,981,327.43).

Money from professional gaming mainly consists of cash prizes from tournaments. It may not be a regular source of pay, especially if you end up with a losing team and if you are just starting. However, other money-earning strategies are also available if you want to start your career in this field.

A possible extra source of income for a pro gamer is through streaming. This is when online matches are held and people pay to watch you play. One popular game streaming site is Twitch. Some players expand their networks by also making content or editing videos on YouTube. One legend you have probably heard taking this route is PewDiePie. There is also Website Development and sponsorships which you can clearly observe in Ocelote’s own site. For more secured income, it is advisable to dabble in at least one, if not all, of these suggested routes aside from league gaming.

Getting Started

The nature of professional gaming is already competitive in itself but breaking into the bandwagon career presents a lot of competition. First of all, you need to love what you are planning to do. Just like any job, gaming will entail some sleepless nights and coffee-fueled days, especially if you are trying to make money aside from tournaments. Pro gamers do not play their games for the sake of just enjoying them. Once you have prizes and prestige at stake, you can only be compelled to take gaming more seriously by immersing yourself in it further.

Find the game of your life. It is commendable to be versatile but, just like any career, building on a single path requires passion and focus. Learn the jargon, practice, watch others play, and pick up anything worth integrating in your own set of skills. Study hacks, master them, and learn to play well even without the cheats. If your in a relationship and cheat in real life you can search through this fuck book and find your local fuck buddy.

Slowly invest in your gear. Choose a console and improve your rig every now and then. Remember that gadgets get regular upgrades so make sure you are up to date. Advertise for certain products when opportunity presents itself while you’re at it.

Entering the world of professional gaming may sound like a daunting, solitary task but it is actually more about teamwork and network building. Remember that leagues usually involve multiplayer games. Join the community, find a team, win some games with them, and attract sponsors.

If you want to continue gaming just for leisure, then it is probably better to hold on to that joystick in your own comfort zone. In the end, like any job today, professional gaming is not just a game at all.


How to sext and be safe

First, it’s best to define what sext means. In the online world, the word “sext” is derived from the combination of words “sex” and “text”, which literally means “sex through texting.”


About 60% of the world’s population engages in this type of activity. Almost all of the people in the world own at least one cellphone/smartphone. This fact proves that it is very possible to be sexually involved in a total stranger through texting. Several online communication platforms and messaging apps are available to use and download for free.


Take for example the number one social media website and application Facebook. As of the fourth quarter of 2016, Facebook has 1.86 billion monthly active users. Imagine having 1.86 billion users that can freely connect with each other in just a few clicks. Social media and advanced messaging technology is powerful enough to build your social reputation. Though it earns a lot of positive outcomes and advantages, it comes with a great risk, too.


Relationships come and go. In today’s society, you can easily interact with a lot of people virtually through the use of social media platforms and applications. A lot of dating websites and apps are available for free like OkCupid, Tinder, Grindr, Match.Com, Twoo, and Badoo. With these, you can register with your existing social media account, or you may choose to register your email address and fill up the form with your information. You may fill it up with your real personal information or you could make an anonymous identity.


These dating sites and applications let you meet people (your choice if from opposite or same sex) near your current location, or you may look up for people at certain places. You may choose the range of age of the people you want to meet (virtually, of course) or look up for people with the same interests as yours.


The point is, throughout the process, you will meet various people from all walks of life. You may not know what their story is behind the profile picture, nor the limited information they have provided on their profiles. You may not know if it is true or just made-up. In this world full of people in search for love, one can be blindsided by what they can only see with their eyes.


There are times when you are so enamored with someone you would actually want to “get into it” even before meeting that person in real life. Aside from casual texting and exchange of messages with the person, “sexting” is a high possibility.


Before the smartphone era, SMS communication is limited to 140 characters. Nowadays, it isn’t just alphanumeric characters. You can also send pictures, videos, voice messages, and other files or media. That being said, while sexting, one can easily send or share pornographic photos and videos to someone. These exchange of private photos and videos is too risky. To practice safe sext, be sure to follow these guidelines:


  • Make sure that the application you are using is encrypted and from a trusted developer. You don’t want your nude photos to leak and circulate around porn sites, do you?


  • Aside from a trusted application, you also would want to make sure that you are sending and sharing these private photos to someone trusted, or someone you know all too well. The last thing you would want to happen is being blackmailed by someone.


  • Never -ever- sext while at work. Some employers would remotely monitor your activities in your PC without your knowledge. You might also connect your device to your company’s local network. They might monitor your data through Wi-Fi or shared network. Being caught by your employer red-handed is a serious offense and might cost you your salary and benefits.


  • As much as possible, do not include your face in your naked selfies to avoid further trouble in the future. Better be safe than sorry.


  • Delete all evidence of nude photos sent and flirty texts and sexts, especially if you’re committed or in a relationship. This is a golden rule.


  • Never include or share personal information (your identity, family background, work details, etc.) to someone you barely even know. Keep it casual especially when sexting with strangers.


  • Be careful when to send explicit photos and media. At least inform someone before you send these files. Do not surprise them. You might catch a bad timing and you’d both be in trouble.


Proper knowledge and education about sex is important. In an actual sexual encounter, you would want to do things safely to protect your health. If you feel more comfortable and want to take things further, read this blog written by milfs for milf sex. This Milf Swiper Blog is the blog from the #1 app for milf sex and writes about how hot milfs wants you to play with their milf pussy safely. Now remember to use the same level of caution should apply when it comes to sexting, albeit mainly to protect your reputation.


computer malware


The Internet can be a dangerous place. Whenever you go online, there is always the ever-present risk of your PC or laptop falling prey to malicious software that can steal your data, corrupt your system, or worse. Fortunately, there are several anti-malware software that you can purchase to ensure your computer is protected from any potential threat. Each has its own special features and level of effectiveness, though some of them hold more advantages over the other. Here are five of the best software to detect malware and their notable qualities to help you decide which of them offers the best protection for your computer.

Norton Security Standard

This is equipped with every anti-malware tool that you could ask for. It is very thorough in detecting and eliminating thousands of known virus, malware, spyware and ransomware, which is a type of malicious software that literally enables hackers to hold your data files hostage. It even goes as far as scanning any USB device connected to your PC, as well as incoming emails, for any possible threat to your computer.

In the event of a new virus that the anti-malware is unable to detect, Norton Security enables the creation of a rescue CD to restore your system and recover your data. It also comes with a browser plug-in, the Norton Identity Safe Toolbar, which alerts you to potentially dangerous websites, and offers an encrypted vault to protect your sensitive files. The downside is that buying a Norton license allows protection for only a single computer, so you would need to buy multiple licenses for more than one computer. Despite this one inconvenience, it is still one of the best software to detect malware that you can avail of.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

This answers that deficiency found in Norton Security and most of the other best software to detect malware, in that up to three computers can be protected with just a single license. It utilizes what it refers to as hybrid protection, making use of cloud-based security to protect your computer when online, and computer-based security when offline. Kaspersky also has customizable features, allowing you to adjust alert schedules, security features, scanning, software updates and others according to your specifications. Smart updates only take up approximately one percent of system resources, ensuring that the software remains up to date without disrupting your computer use.

The only thing that the Kaspersky Anti-Virus lacks is a virtual browser that would have protected your PC from online hazards and kept sensitive data secure.

F-Secure Anti-Virus

This is another customizable anti-malware software, allowing you to schedule, create and initiate a variety of scans on command. Scanning activities do not use up a sizeable amount of system resource, which means that it won’t slow down your computer in the process. One notable feature that is rarely found in other programs is that when F-Secure is being installed, it completely removes the anti-malware software that had previously been installed in the computer. However, it does not have certain other features that are present in the best software to detect malware, such as a virtual browser and the ability to scan USB drives automatically.

Avira Antivirus Pro


This can easily distinguish between safe and malicious software, so that it doesn’t mistakenly flag harmless files and programs as malware. It consumes only as little processing power as it can, protecting your system without bogging it down. This capability ranks Avira Antivirus among the best software to detect malware, but it is not without its share of flaws. To be precise, its license can only protect a single computer, it does not have a virtual browser, and it lacks vulnerability scans needed for the protection of private data and prevention of malware infection.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

This is considered as the number one malware detector in the market today. It offers proactive protection for your computer against every known type of malicious software and even from newer threats that have never been encountered before. Bitdefender is equipped with B-Have, which detects badly behaving apps, as well as a USB immunizer, which protects flash drives from potential dangers. It can work on all browsers and there are no additional plug-ins required. There is even a gamer mode that allows anti-malware scans and alerts to run while you play games or videos in full-screen mode.

Its only disadvantage is that it does not offer telephone support on weekends. But despite this minor shortcoming, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus’ other impressive features make it the absolute best software to detect malware.


Remember to choose among these software carefully. Consider every aspect before you decide – your security is at stake, after all.


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